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Consulting Services

We consult brands on various topics such as product Placement and Retail Readiness. Book an appoinment to learn more.


Apparel Manufacturing

We can take your designs from conception all the way to production. Get started today.

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Tech Pack

A tech pack is a blueprint created by a designer. It contains all the components and instructions required for a manufacturer to turn your design into a finished product. This includes materials, gradings, seams, colorways, measurements, trim, labels etc.

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Marker Making

The marker, or cutting lay, is the arrangement of patterns on the spread fabrics.
In apparel manufacturing, a marker is a special kind of stencil that illustrates how pattern pieces of one or more garments should be cut from several layers of fabric. The person who arranges the marker is the marker planner.

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Grading, or pattern grading, is the process of creating a range of sizes for a single apparel style. The purpose of grading is to properly fit a pattern to a range of sizes. Grading will not create shape, but will only increase or decrease size of original shape.

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Pattern Making

Patternmaking is a process to give entire meaning and purpose to the garment creation and fashion designing helping in creating a line of differently sized garments that are yet similarly patterned creating various themes to a same design of clothes. It helps a design to move into production stage after finalizing.

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